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New Motor Installation Services

Don’t you feel frustrated when you have had a long day at work and have to lift your garage door manually to open it? Do you wish for an automated system that could do it so that you could just relax and park your car with a few pushes on the button of a remote? If yes then you need the new motor installation services offered by us. If you think that installing a motor may not fit your small budget then you need to call us and understand about all the discount offers we launch from time to time to make garage door repair a cost effective affair for you.

Garage door repair Rego Park is a well known name in the area of installing motors, doors, and security on garage doors. We also take care of small but vital things like cleaning up after we are done and recycling all the products we can. We are also qualified, licensed and experienced so we hope you will call us next time you feel the need to automate your garage or simply replace the old motor that is not fulfilling your needs as it used to do at one time.

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